Frequently Asked Questions!


Can I buy advertising on TorMarkets?

No, TorMarkets doesn't sell advertising space.


How are websites ranked on TorMarkets?

Tormarkets place the websites on ranks based on the positive responses they receive from their website. If you get more negative reactions, you go down more and more.

Why does my websites not appear on the rankings list?

There are a few reasons as to why that may occur:

  1. Your website has been offline too often in recent times, which means that we temporarily disable your website.
  2. It is possible that your server (or account) may have been suspended for breaking our rules, login for more information.

Tor Browser & VPN

Why do I get via Chrome / Safari / FireFox / Edge that the .onion website is not found?

Unfortunately, you cannot access the .onion websites through the normal browser. For this you need to download the Tor Browser.

To guarantee privacy while surfing the Darkweb is it wise to use a VPN(without logging).